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Vallhöll, an elegant packaging project, wins the Gold in ELISAVA Professional Edition Awards



The 3rd edition of ELISAVA Professional Edition Awards, given by ELISAVA with the aim of awarding the magnificence, creativity and rigour of the best projects of the School’s Master and Postgraduate students, has had for one more year a very positive reception with the participation of a total of 52 works.

The name of the winners was announced last afternoon within the Master and Postgraduate’s Graduation Party of ELISAVA, which took place at Centro de Cultura Contemporáneo de Barcelona (CCCB).

The jury, formed by Antoni Clariana (Founder and CEO Magma Design S.L.), Josep Bagà (CEO in Josep Bagà Associats), Roberta Bosco (Journalist in El País), Ramon Benedito (General Director of ELISAVA) and Santiago Albert (Master and Postgraduate’s Director of ELISAVA), has given the ELISAVA Professional Edition awards to the following projects:




Postgraduate Diploma in Packaging Design and Strategy

Authors: Margaux Bual, Cristian Varela, Lina Yucumá



Description: “VALLHÖLL” is a Premium range of Scandinavian food that has a first course, a second course, dessert and liquor.

The brief was to make a range of gourmet food that gave value to the quality of the ingredients, by giving them a premium category. In order to highlight the quality of the ingredients, the Scandinavian origin has been stood out with different elements.

Decision of the Jury: For its coherence expressed in an essential proposal of great quality.



Master’s Degree in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture

Authors: Seeja Sudkharan



Description: “CHRONOTOPIA” explores knowledge architecture and temporary sensitivity. The project discovers the intrinsic connection of spatial and temporary relationships that merge together in a whole. Time becomes meat, it becomes artistically visible and space is charges and becomes receptive to time movements, plot and history. The project proposes an urban intervention with the constant idea of connectivity, socially, physically and temporary.

Decision of the Jury: For its versatile response to a complex programme.


MUDIC - Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Design and Communication

Authors: Sara Vieira



Description: “MAKE IT EMOTIONAL” proposes the adaptation of the emotional design theories in graphic design projects. This book is the result of a research based on the theoretical framework of Don Norman, on the theories about emotional design, and on how the designers Stefan Sagmesiter and James Victore work on this subject.

Decision of the Jury: For its exhaustive research work with a formal expression that values emotions.



Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Design for Hotels and New Hostelling

Authors: Jorge García, Jaume Maimò y Gerard Solsona



Description: New concept of Hostel for a target public focused on people that value design, who have artistic concerns and who get away from mass tourism (millenials, Backpackers, family and groups). A hostel where the brand image is Santiago Rusiñol, artist and writer, born in the same building. The project maintains the building’s essence by strengthening its historical, cultural and architectural value. Technology and social networks make it possible to enjoy new experiences and use of the Hostel.

Decision of the Jury: For its interpretation of historical memory adapted to the spirit of our times.




Postgraduate Diploma in Web Project Management and Design

Authors: Carlos Bolivar, Álvaro Martin, Alejandro Peredo y Lucila Tallone



Description: The Audience Award, voted through the Easypromos platform, has been given to «ORGEE», which has obtained a total of 934 votes. «ORGEE» is a platform that explores the possibilities of collaborative art that allows artists, designers, students and amateurs to take part in their works of art generating an exponential group of works. A bet to change the traditional paradigm based on individual construction for a collaborative, inclusive and popular model.


The selected projects will take part of the Exhibition ELISAVA Professional Edition Awards, starting mid-October, which ELISAVA organizes annually with the aim of spreading the Final Master and Postgraduate Projects made by our students. By doing this, we want to stimulate creativity of young designers, their academic path and dedication, at the same time that we promote diffusion of their talent and competitiveness within the society as a whole and the industry linked to design.