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«Spain… is different», by the ELISAVA’s professor Jesús Morentin, picks up the universe of Gerd Arntz



The studio and typographic workshop Bunkertype, of Jesús Morentin, professor of the Degree in Design of ELISAVA, reinterprets the visual universe of Gerd Arntz in his latest project «Spain… is different», a critical and ironic portrait of the Spanish politics and society in letterpress format.

In the late 30s from the last century, the artist and designer Gerd Arntz (1900-1988) took part of a project that ended in 1934 with the creation of ISOTYPE, a graphic system in order to be able to describe the world through synthetic images. Over time, Arntz designed around 4000 pictograms of any imaginable subject.

Almost one century afterwards, the project «Spain… is different» not only shares the language or Arntz, but also the critical spirit, portraying a resigned and submissive society before the inequalities and the abuses of the elites and their leaders.

«Spain… is different» includes three scenes that talk about both political class and obliging society that don’t dare to look face to face to a poor reality.