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‘Layers’, project of the Degree in Engineering, proposes the manufacturing of clothes through 3D printing


'Layers', impresión de ropa en 3D


Marta Vidal, student of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design of ELISAVA, is creating ‘Layers’, a production system of clothes based on the additive manufacturing with 3D printing.

The used printer has a virtual archive to put the thread layer by layer on a digital potter’s wheel. This way, it is not necessary to cut patterns (industrial phase that means the waste of between a 10 % and 30 % of prime matter), allowing the creation of unique pieces without making material waste.



The project, which supports a local, ethic and transparent manufacturing, has been design to work with multiple materials. The result is a modular system that offers infinity of possibilities, breaking with the traditional volume limitations, and the resulting designs can be adapted to the anatomy and tastes of every user through an online platform, making them participants in the design of a unique piece. It is a profitable union between Engineering and Design to create new possibilities.

Layers’ is a project under development. Follow its evolution here.