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ELISAVA students collaborate with Uttopy and Oceana to protect oceans


Winning T-shirts designed by Oriol Corsà (left) and Clara Planas (right).


The students of the Degree in Design of ELISAVA Clara Planas (3rd year) and Oriol Corsà (2nd year) have won the contest Uttopy Challenge, an exclusive challenge for ELISAVA students consisting on the design of a shirt that will help to protect the oceans. How? The Uttopy brand, specialized in fashion for the benefit of various causes, will allocate 15% of the price of the chosen T-shirts to the NGO Oceana, dedicated to the protection of the seabed.

"The typographic illustration is designed to spread the beauty and importance of caring for the ocean", says Clara Planas about its design. "With the phrase 'We are all the ocean', considered as a great fishing net, wants to convey the importance of the common bond to combat this problem".

Oriol Corsà commented: "My illustration shows the union of different species of fish and animals that live in the sea. The connections between them, as well as their friendly and cheerful traces, show the positive and sympathetic aspect of the animals".

Oceana and Uttopy

Oceana is an international organization regarding protection and restoration of marine habitats. It has the support of 850,000 people, and has been able to protect 1.6 millions of square meters of ocean since its foundation. Throughout 2017, they will focus their actions on raising awareness about fish overexploitation.

Uttopy is a caring fashion brand that through design gives visibility to social causes. Each one of its collections is inspired in one cause, thus turning the ones who wear them into their ambassadors, creating a virtuous circle where everyone can be part of the solution.