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ELISAVA at Graphene Conference 2017 and interview with Javier Peña



The last week of March the CCIB has welcomed the Conference Graphene 2017, the 7th edition of the main European event focusing on graphene materials and dimensional. This year’s edition has gathered around 1000 attendees, 100 lecturers and more than 150 oral presentations, as well as around 400 presented posters. 

ELISAVA has taken part with 'Design and development of smart wearable nearable and health-friendly products based on Graphene, through material-centered design', a poster dedicated to the design and development of wearable and nearable products based on graphene and focused on promoting the welfare of people through a methodology focused on material as a starting point.

The proposal, signed by Blanca Guasch (Researcher for ELISAVA Research), Marta González (Responsible for the Materials Area), Jessica Fernández (Responsible for the Engineering Projects Area) and ELISAVA's General Director Javier Peña, presents 6 projects arising from the School as examples of possible applications developed from a design focused on graphene. The projects chosen are Glufo, PurLeaf, Breia, Oishy, Odo and Metanoia.

Main trends and conclusions

The lectures have been grouped into four main trends:

  • Research of heterostructures made with graphene and other bi-dimensional materials.
  • Researches about viscosity of electrons in graphene.
  • Research in some graphene functionalities, like its ability to detect molecules and its application as a sensor.
  • Industry and transfer of graphene knowledge to companies so they can apply it to products. 

The main conclusions that are drawn of this Graphene Conference are that labs keep specializing their researches, focusing on the specific properties of the material, the construction of heterostructures and the study of the behavior of its atoms. However, these labs are progressively gaining contact with the industry. In this sense and as an example, it has been announced that in two years the first flexible mobile phone will be launched. 

Interview with Javier Peña about graphene

In this context, the newspaper El Mundo has published an interview with General Director of ELISAVA Javier Peña, also Director of MaterFAD, where he explains the current state of the industry and the scientific sector in relation to graphene and predicts that the paradigm shift around this revolutionary material will be a reality in the next 8 years.