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ELISAVA goes to space




ELISAVA and the aerospace company Zero 2 Infinity join forces in BLOON, a technological innovative project that will change the trips to the stratosphere. Under the title “The last challenge of interior design of mobility”, the project consists on designing the inside of the capsule BLOON, which in the near future will make commercial and leisure trips to the space’s frontier.

During 9 months, 7 students of ELISAVA, in collaboration with the Catalan company of space logistics Zero 2 Infinity, will be in charge of giving shape to this challenge from the knowledge but also from emotion.

José Mariano López-Urdiales, CEO and founder of Zero 2 Infinity, says: “BLOON’s mission is to efficiently facilitate the access to space, where sky is black during the day and at night, and at a lower cost”.

What is BLOON?

The project consists on designing the inside of the capsule BLOON, an ergonomic living space that will take six persons (two pilots and four passengers), during six hours, to the stratosphere (up to 40 km away from the earth’s surface, three times higher of what commercial planes reach). 



It is a unique experience and until now only available for astronauts that will bring the user closer to the space’s immensity by using a secure helium balloon and an aerospace transportation case with panoramic windows. Besides its maximum security, one of the highlighted characteristics of this vehicle is that environment doesn’t suffer, since it doesn’t have any rocket that produces pollution, not even acoustical.

This alliance with Zero 2 Infinity puts ELISAVA at the forefront, uniting research and technological excellence through an ambitious forward-looking project. 



ELISAVA students who participate in BLOON, at the project's kick off at the headquarters of Zero 2 Infinity.



Jessica Fernández (Project)

Mariana Eidler (Communication)

Daria Seta (Space)

Tona Monjo (Interaction)



Alejandra Martí (PES)

Aida Radresa (PES)

Xavier Guasch (PES)

Henni Maria Heino (GDIS)

Ursula Sandra Pahl Vicario (GDIS)

Pau Benazet i Montobbio(GEDI)

Laura Homs Puchal (GEDI)