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ELISAVA and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu open the way for a new patent



‘Nido’ project, the containment system for premature babies, has been presented to be registered as a “Model of National Utility”.

‘Nido’, made within the framework of the collaboration agreement between ELISAVA and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (HSJD), is the Final Degree Project of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design student Eva Díaz Mecchia, and has been tutored by Anna María del Corral and Marta González, professors of ELISAVA, together with Miguel García, infirmary coordinator of the research area, and the neonatal coordinator María José Troyano, from HSJD.

The project is the conception and development of a positioning system for premature infants with sensory stimulation. The proposed solution looks for premature babies to be able to leave the incubator sooner with a correct physical and emotional development, by favoring the correct posture of the neonate and facilitating the intervention of the professional team. The solution also allows maintaining and increasing the bond between the child and the mother by imitating the breathing of the mother.

Based on the deep study of the needs of the users and the selection of materials, the components for the industrial viability of the product have been defined. The result is a rest and sensorial stimulation base, whose surface presents an ascendant and descendant movement, and a lateral restraint that encloses the perimeter of the base for the baby’s containment. Both elements present a modular character that allows the connection and disconnection of the components.