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The Design Does Forum discusses about the future of design and its role in our society



The Design Does Forum, as part of the  Design Does exhibition, took place last week in Barcelona's Musseu del Disseny. This activity gathered together a numerous group of international experts from the field of design. All of them delivered conferences and participated in debates for discussing and reflecting on what role should design play in order to face the present and future challenges of our society.

The event has reunited professionals of the field of design such as Julius Wiedemann, Terry Irwin, Anne Quito, Mathilde Marengo, Mara Balestrini and Jorge Camacho; Laura Clèries (ELISAVA Research) and Oscar Tomico (head of studies of ELISAVA'S Degree in Engineering and Industrial Design); or Andrés Colmenares (IAM) and Pau Garcia (Domestic Data Streamers), among many others. Thanks to all participants and visitors!

Design Does Forum has been organized by ELISAVA together with Barcelona's  Musseu del Disseny, and has been curated by IAM (Internet Age Media). Below you can check pictures of the event. 

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