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Check the videos of the International Days for Deans and Design Experts


Terry Irwin, Carneige Mellon School of Design


Last April, ELISAVA held the International Days for Deans and Design Experts, a variety of workshops and conferences with the contribution of 31 deans and experts of design coming from the most prestigious and relevant art and design schools.

Under the motto "Impact Through Design", ELISAVA and the Cumulus network organized this activity with the aim of fostering research through design with the introduction of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to design plans of study.

Down below you can check the testimonies of some of the deans and experts that took part in this initiative.


Christian Guellerin, L'école Design Nanters Atlantique

Lara Penin, Parsons School of Design

Roger Bateman, Sheffield Hallam University

Eija Salmi, Cumulus Association of Universities in College in Art, Design and Media