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New corporate image of ELISAVA ALUMNI


The former student Albert Ibanyez has won the competition to create the corporate image of the Alumni Association of ELISAVA.

Four proposals were selected among the 37 submitted: Daniela Nicholson, Annel Biu​​, Albert Trulls and Roger González, and the one from the winner Albert Ibanyez.

In the second stage of the competition, the finalists developed the idea presented: definition of color, logo, visual language and other elements needed to explain the project.

The jury, composed of the alumni of the School David Torrents, Javier Donada, David Ruiz, Laura Meseguer and Salvador Sanabra, took into account the visual composition of the portfolio, the quality of project content and the idea presented in the sketch, when selecting the winner. One requirement was to identify the proposed concept with the values ​​of the association: professional growth and sense of community.

During the next year, we will see the Albert Ibanyez proposal with the presentation of the association ELISAVA ALUMNI.