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TECH DAY 2015 - Food Systems for Health

ELISAVA (La Rambla 30-32). Aleix Carrió Hall (1st floor)

In the didactic activities programme of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design of ELISAVA, concretely from the Design and Product II subject, a cycle of conferences called «Tech Day», which focuses on a specific topic, is organised annually.

The objective of this meeting consists of providing our students with a comprehensive overview of all the functional, aesthetic, environmental, technological, productive and communication factors which are involved in the development and conceptual design of an industrial product.

The topic of the cycle of conferences of this academic year is «Food Systems for Health» which, in turn, has been related to biomimetics, a discipline that studies the model of nature and imitates its shapes, processes, systems and strategies, in order to solve the problems of humanity.

We encourage you to think about the problems originated by the situations of need for the improvement in people’s health together with the guest experts. With the consciousness of the food systems of our society and the inspiration in the intelligent systems of nature, it will be possible to see how it is possible to reach innovative design solutions.


Introduction to the Meeting «Food Systems for Health»
Dr. Javier Peña Andrés. Head of Studies of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design.
«Learning from ecosystems: the systemic bio-mimetic, the regenerative design and the circular bio-economy»
Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl. Consultant and Teacher in Sustainability, Regenerative Design and Bio-mimetic Innovation.

«Food kitchen and gastronomy: from the balance preservation to the healthy lifestyle»
Isabel Lugo. Researcher and Gastronomy History teacher. Escola Universitària d’Hoteleria i Turisme CETT-UB.
«How emotions are afected by food»
Clara Balmaña. Industrial Designer by ELISAVA.
«The potential of bio-mimetic systems in design and engineering»
Dr. Jordi Bayer. Industrial Engineer PhD.
«Alícia Foundation, culinary research to design healthy, sustainable and tasty food»
Toni Massanés. General Director of the Alícia Foundation

5:45 PM
Closing ceremony

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