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New publication of the Temes de Disseny magazine

Milano (3 i 4 de junio). ELISAVA (8 de junio, La Rambla 30-32, Sala Aleix Carrió, 1ª planta)

ELISAVA’S Magazine Temes de Disseny «Food, Design and Well-Being»

The new Temes de Disseny edition, which deals with alimentation, design and well-being, will be internationally presented in Milano and Barcelona.

The next 3rd June the number 31 of the university magazine will be the chore of one of the workgroups of the congress «The Virtuous Circle. Design, Culture and Experimentation» organized by Cumulus in Milano from the 3rd to the 7th June. The 4th June, at 19.30h, at the Modoloco studio (Via Giovanni Ventura 5th) of the Italian city, this magazine will be presented to the design community.

Eventually, Barcelona will hold the premiere of Temes de Disseny the next 8th June at ELISAVA at 19.30h. Albert Fuster and Javier Peña, the magazine’s editors, will be in charge of the event and it will count on the participation of the researchers Jordi Saldo and Marc Bayona.

Aiming to join the central subject of the 2015 World Exhibition in Milan «Feeding the Planet – Energy for Life», ELISAVA Temes de Disseny propounds a reflection around food and human feeding. The reflection arises on the relationship of the ethical, social, technological and cultural aspects throughout the food process.

In a comprehensive approach that can come from any area of the whole process, issue n. 31 intends to emphasize the relationship with the environment, society and the body itself, concerning any decision in the field of nutrition. From the conceptual speculation to technological challenge, from the ritual to social responsibility, we aim to understand design and engineering in relation to food as a major challenge.

This lecture has been broadcasted through the ELISAVA Streaming Channel.

You can watch the video of the conference below:

With the colaboration of Moritz