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Menoo, outstanding project

ELISAVA (La Rambla 30-32)

The project of the 3D printer that creates vegan cakes, «Menoo», carried out by students of the Degree in Design, the Degree in Engineering of Industrial Design and the Master's Degree in Design and Product development with the collaboration of Natural Machines, is the last selected work in Made in ELISAVA, a promotion exhibition space of outstanding projects made by the School students.

«Menoo» is an innovative project in industrial design and engineering in industrial design that consists in the design and the development of a domestic use 3D printer for the creation of vegan cakes, which is the result of an immersion in the additive manufacturing technology and an in-depth study of the referents, tendencies, branding and possible users.

The main objective of the project was to achieve the technologic and design elements integration so as a 3D printer can be autonomous and capable to produce cakes without human intervention. This studio and design included:

  • Conceptualization and innovative design of a domestic use device.
  • Interface design with wi-fi connection that allows the interaction between worldwide users.
  • Development of the ingredients injector.
  • Development of the exchanger ingredients cartridge.
  • Development of the cold/hot system that controls the manufacturing space temperature.

Participant students: Mireia Aleu, Brigitte Bellina, Adriana Bertolín, Julia Bonet, Mar Bonet, Julia Camprubí, Paula Fernández, Rocío García, Pau Homs, Sergio Lopez, Jordi Muñoz, Marc Pérez, Laura Planas, Jordi Ros, Milena Samos, Pablo Santos and Laia Truque.

Tutors: Cristina Taverner, Ricard Ferrer, Xavier Tutó, Guillem Martin.

The company Natural Machines is a startup dedicated to applying additive manufacturing technologies to improve people’s quality of life and the way they interact with the environment.


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