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Exhibition – [x]

Opening: 4 September at 7pm. Exhibition: Monday to Friday from 10am to 11pm
Mitte Barcelona (Bailén, 86)

Students of the Master’s Degree in Photography and Design given by ELISAVA present the exhibition [x], from 4 to 27 September in Mitte Barcelona, where they will show the projects undertaken during the academic year 2012-13. The opening of the exhibition will take place on Wednesday 4 September at 7pm.

[x] arises from the (re)union of the different works made by the students of the School and the name chosen to represent them is not the result of chance. We call [x] the (re)presentation of a set of elements. [x] is an exhibition full of photographs, desires and illusions from different identities and nationalities that, both separately or linked together, generate different meanings, while showcasing the talent and creativity through the most sincere way of expression of these young photographers.

On Thursday 19 September, the Master’s Degree in Photography and Design organizes a free viewing of portfolios with the goal that the participating photographers can be given a critic and constructive review of their work, as well as advices about artistic and professional possibilities applied to their photography project.

«We Trash. VIII» by Núria Cienfugos. «Custodiar Espacios» by Denisse García. «Sara» by Ona Camacho.

«A través» by Anna Roig. «Let Our People Grow» by Pietro Milici.

«El cuerpo como mensaje» by Joyce Silberstein. «Morir» by David Querol.

«Ocupando el espacio» by Marta Vinaixa. «Pender de un hilo» by Violeta Arriaga.

Curators of the Exhibition: Ona Camacho, Denisse García and Anna Roig.

Cover photo: Marta Pujades