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Exhibition - Creative Marathon

From 12h to 14h
ELISAVA (La Rambla 30-32)

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ELISAVA invites you to the presentation of the projects resulting from the «Creative Marathon» developed from 19 to 22 December in various workshops realized by students in the 3rd and 4th year BA in Design, and 3rd year of Degree in Design, Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design and Degree in Engineering Building. The proposals will be exhibited in different areas of the School.
This is the 12th edition of the «Creative Marathon», a series of workshops developed by professionals from different disciplines, which has had the cooperation of ASCER (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tile) FABRICA and MACtac.

The workshops conducted were the following:

  • MACtac Attacks! – Chema Longobardo
  • Hall Full - A positive urban design action  – Fabio Guida and Wladimir Marnich
  • ELISAVA goes to Berlin  – Harri Kuhn
  • Workshop on Letterpress  – Andreu Balius
  • Spread Your Influence  – Gerard Sanmartí - Lagranja
  • New applications of ceramic material in Commercial and Public Spaces  – Stefano Colli and Sergio de la Parra
  • The Perfect Customer, The Perfect Store? – Gabriele Riva – FABRICA/Benetton
  • Introduction to Programming and Electronics  (with Scratch and Arduino) – Víctor Casado
  • Space Disorders ¬ – Jordi Cortes-ALTAREALITAT
  • Paris Hilton’s Intentions  – Jonathan Daifuku
  • Rethinking Everyday Objects  – Jordi Parra
  • Social City  – Clemens De Lange
  • Integrating PV Technology in Urban Elements  – Alessandro Caviasca
  • Play Your World! Videogames and Augmented-Reality  – Marco Romero, Ernesto Arroyo, Aymar Mounir Moghnieh. Coordination: Josep Blat
  • Designing with Solid Surface – Claudia C. Carrasco H.

Photo: Frederic Camallonga