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ELISAVA in New York

Roger Smith Hotel (47th street with Lexington Avenue)

The students of Retail Design studies given by ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering will carry out a Pop Up Store at the Roger Smith Hotel, located in Lexington Avenue, one of Manhattan’s busiest spots, from 4 to 27 September.

Jessica Teló and Francisco Ramón, students of Master’s Degree in Retail Design given by ELISAVA, along with Tali Oren and Anna Denson, students of Design at the Pratt Institute of New York and of the Retail Design Course given by ELISAVA’s Summer School, have developed a project in which, through its design and installation, the essence of Spanish fashion (craftwork, exquisite dressmaking, care for the details, creativity, art, etc…) is highlighted.

The developed proposal is the result of the School’s methodology of collaborating with companies and institutions. This time, the School collaborates with Beiñ. The Touch of Spain, an international platform that introduces Made in Spain fashion to every place in the world, while at the same time helps young firms and designers to make their way in international markets. The key elements of Beiñ are the Pop Up Stores, which make it easy for companies to explain their history and show their creations directly to the public.

The project of the students is based on inverting the dress making process by lots of threads coming up from the mannequins of the store windows which invade the whole space as if they had exploded. They create a 2D geometrical language based on lines and patterns that define the proposal. In a layout conceived as a free-flow workspace furnished with trestle tables and fashion tools, the students capture the essence of a Fashion Atelier involving the visitors into a design and creation atmosphere, where the custom made fixtures for product exhibition are the result of a transposition of the 2D lines language into 3D geometrical free standing units constructed in metal, with the brand logo printed in fabric in one of its sides.

In this Pop Up Store, each and every of the participating companies will have a space for publicizing their brand. There will also be a corner with Slow Fashion firms, in order to promote sustainable fashion. The shop window, created with vinyl, will be designed by the Spanish illustrator Tó Campos.

® Photos: Tatiana Marin