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Engineering students at the Smart Flexibility exhibition

FAD (Building Disseny Hub Barcelona. Pl de les Glòries, 37-38)

The «STEP-LUX» and «Persiana de control solar» projects, developed by Engineering in Industrial Design students, take part in the Smart Flexibility exhibition, which will be in the FAD until the 16 November.

«STEP-LUX» is a technical energy generator tile that uses piezoelectric materials for turning the mechanical energy of the passer-by into electricity. The project by the student Pau Romagosa generates 22mW per impact, which is equivalent to 1 hour of light with 1000 impacts.

The «Persiana de control solar» (Sun control shutter) project, developed by the students Albert Lahoz, Maximilià Marinel·lo and Bernat Basté, is activated by a memory muscle wire with a nitinol shape. The sunlight falls on a photovoltaic panel that generates the necessary electricity for activating the shape-memory and opening the shutter. It allows to monitor, through the sunlight, the excessive increase in temperature of interior spaces. It is an automatic system and its utilization in buildings would keep a comfort temperature and reduce the usage of air-conditioning.

The Smart Flexibility exhibition, organized by Materfad, shows structures and materials that can sensitize and adapt its shape to the environment. It exhibits projects from all around the world that enable to imagine the functionalities that the intelligent and flexible structures can provide in any field of application.

Both projects have been tutored by Dr Javier Peña and Dra Marta González within the subject «Materials Selection» of the ELISAVA Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design.