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Two students from ELISAVA participate in the third edition of ROUTE in Senegal

16.07.2017 to 30.07.2017
Different locations of Senegal (África)


The ELISAVA students Eulalia Gomés Triana and Carlota Pons Pardo, both 1st-year students of the Degree in Design, as well as the professor Steffano Colli, participate in ROUTE from July 16th to 30th. It is a pioneering initiative by creative workshops in Senegal with international students.

Every year –since 2015-, a small group of design students and professionals travel to his African country to gain knowledge, combine tradition and innovation, the know-how and inspiration among local artisans, designers and artists from Senegal. 


Its itinerary follows a careful route of workshops in different location that combines product, fashion, jewelry or sculpture design with the experience of the journey and the discovery of beauty of Africa’s natural heritage.

From ELISAVA, we will offer you a complete visual report by the participants from the School. Follow our experience in ROUTE 2017 on social media by using the hashtag #ELISAVARoute17.


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