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TRENDSLAB 18 – Retrogression

12.11.2018 to 16.11.2018
Varios horarios (consulta el programa al pie)
ELISAVA (La Rambla, 30-32)


A new edition of TRENDSLAB, the intensive week of trend analysis, is here. It is open to the public and annually carried out by MIDI, the Master in Research for Design and Innovation, which is currently celebrating its tenth anniversary. From November 12 to 16, experts, coolhunters, students and participants work on a key concept to map present and future trends as well as opportunity scenarios for governments, companies and society in general.

TRENDSLAB 18 will focus on Retrogression, a concept that refers to a social force that has been gaining strength at political, ideological and economic levels and multiple latitudes.


Retrogression (according to Webster Dictionary):
1. the process of returning to an earlier state, typically a worse one.
"A retrogression to 19th-century attitudes"


During our first day, a panel of experts will present different perspectives and points of view on this concept. During the remaining days, the speakers will work on the detection of signs, patterns and trends using our methodology and will attend different talks and workshops that will help them develop real projects with the central concept of the fund. In this context, we will work on 6 projects: sustainable tourism, trends in higher education, equipment for energy, new formats for commercial displays, trends in technology for gastronomy and new territories for home decoration. All of them must generate opportunity and future scenarios under the conceptual framework of Retrogression.

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Nelson Pinheiro

Director of the Trends Management & Communication Program University of Lisbon.


David Sancho

Director of the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Oriol Estela

General Coordinator of the Strategic Metropolitan Plan of Barcelona.


Jorge Rodriguez

Director of the Master in Research for Design and Innovation of ELISAVA. Director of the Spanish office of DesignThinkers Group..


Carla Montané

Sociologist Researcher at DesignThinkers Group Spain.


Francesca Tur

Director of TV Trends.


Elisabeth Roselló

Independent consultant in trends and Future Studies. Junior Fellow at the Center for Post-Normal Policy and Futures Studies (CPPFS) and leader of the Postfuturear project.


With the support of ELISAVA, the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, PEMB, DesignThinkers Group Spain, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and TendenciasTV.

We would like you to come and participate in TRENDSLAB 18 and to contribute with your point of view on retrogression.