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Presentation of the number 33 of Temes de Disseny, dedicated to the role of design in the transmedia era

ELISAVA (La Rambla, 30-32)

What is the transmedia concept? How does a multi-disciplinary subject like design act in this new ecosystem?

Risen up from an internet emergence and the information society, and encouraged by the language hybridization and channel diversification, transmediality is a synonym, among other aspects, of information going viral, ramified content and active role of the addressee.

Design, transmedia and future

In this context, the new issue of Temes de Disseny, titled Transmedia Metavers. Strategy and Macro-trends for the future, is about the relationship between design and this new transmedia universe based on several fields in which design appears. In order to do so, the study object is analyzed from different professional and methodological perspectives, and with the will to look to the future of our profession.


The presentation of the new issue of Temes de Disseny will coincide with ELISAVA Design Attitudes Day next Saturday June 10th. This issue has been projected from ELISAVA Research and its editor is Jordi Cano, issue’s editor and Director of several ELISAVA programmes, like the new Master in Design and Audiovisual Creativity

About Jordi Cano 

BA Top Up Arts andDesign. Southampton University. Director of Eumo_dc. Director of Master in Design and Art Direction and the Master in Advertising Design and Communication. Teacher of Graphic Design of the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations of the Social Sciences and Communication Faculty of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).

About Temes de Disseny

Temes de Disseny is a scientific publication born from the curiosity and research vocation of ELISAVA. Every year, and from 1986, the center makes available this magazine to the readers. This magazine addresses from an analytical perspective wide range of themes related to the bond of design with culture, communication, technology or economy fields.