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MEATS ELISAVA presents 'A la plaça' project at the Centre Pompidou in Paris

26.01.2018 to 28.01.2018
Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris, France


The project 'A la plaça: Modes of Public Space Appropriation in Barcelona' (ALP), conducted by the directors of the Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Space Design (MEATS), Toni Montes and Roger Paez, represents the Barcelona contribution to 'Places en Relation', an international collaboration coordinated by Vera and Ruedi Baur through the Institut de Recherche en Design CIVIC CITY.

During 2017-18, 12 design schools from different cities worldwide are analyzing, relating and transforming 10 city squares. Barcelona is among the invited cities, and ELISAVA will represent it in the project. We use the concept of appropriation to address all the squares. Following a period of on-site research, we have concluded that the chosen squares embody and illustrate six main modes of appropriation that help develop new modes of social interaction in public space.

The research phase of this project will result in an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, January 2018. On the other hand, we will use those visions and tools as a platform for the proposal of an actual transformation of a Barcelona square, through ephemeral architecture.

The ALP project explores issues of democracy in a radical sense of the term and attempts to become an agent of consolidation of specific forms of public space appropriation that generate place awareness and enrich the urban milieu as a social landscape.

‘A la Plaça‘ Project Credits

ELISAVA_Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

MEATS_Master's Degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces

Project directors: Toni Montes + Roger Paez

Teacher Assistant: Manuela Valtchanova

Students: Shaun Barton, Lorenzo Damonte, Beatrice Fiumi, Fiona Gather-Stammel, Marta Gutíerrez, Marta Ibáñez, Mira Kanj, Felix Köstinger-Lingitz, Ji-Quian Lai, Hung-Chi Li, Marcelo Reinoso, Laura Sánchez, Carlota Segú, Giulia Sportolari