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Lecture of Javier Peña in Bogotá on advanced materials

2.30 p.m. (UTC-05)
Universidad de los Andes. Edificio Mario Laserna (Auditorio C)


Javier Peña, General Director of ELISAVA and Scientific Director of ELISAVA and Materfad, will give a lecture on ‘Materiales avanzados para un cambio de paradigma’ (Advanced materials for a change of paradigm) next Friday, February 2 at the Universidad de los Andes, in Bogotá (Colombia).

Javier Peña himself tells in the following way, and by way of summary, the content of his talk:

"The advanced materials represent a change of paradigm and of the way of thinking. They represent a real approach to a new scale where matter, energy and form give meaning and coherence to what we call a project. A new scale that focuses on multifunction, sustainability and the 'visible' invisibility of physical matter. We are living in another historical period in which the new properties of materials open up an unimaginable range of possibilities in design, architecture, art and product development clearly distinguishable in the market and with high added value."