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ELISAVA students participate in Llum BCN 2018 with the installation 'Llacuna'

16.02.2018 to 18.02.2018
Mediapro passage (Avinguda Diagonal, 177)


Students and artists from Barcelona make the night of the city shine at Llum BCN 2018, a festival that in its seventh edition (from February 16 to 18) doubles the number of shows and installations. Among them, one more year, the one by ELISAVA students, this year entitled 'Llacuna' and co-authored by the co-directors of the MEATS ELISAVA Roger Paez and Toni Montes.


In the framework of the section 'Transformed spaces' and starting from the exploration of the light possibilities, 'Llacuna' praises the swampy past of the Poblenou neighborhood. With this objective, among modern office buildings and rehabilitated industrial buildings, users will enter into a lighting scene that evokes the atmosphere of the original lagoon, erasing the urbanized soil.



Students: Esther Abad, Joana Bisbe, Clàudia Blanes, Carla Camín, Alberto Cantera, Joan Carreres, Maria Casadellà, Aina Engelhard, Aina Flores, Nils Kamminga, Sofía Martín, Cristina Peiris, Carme Roig, Ariadna Sala, Clara Viladecans.

Tutors: María de la Cámara, Toni Montes, Roger Páez, Gabriel Paré