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ELISAVA participates in the London Design Week with the interactive performance 'Art-ificial Boundaries'

23.09.2017 to 24.09.2017
From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
V&A Digital Design Weekend: Seminar Room 4, Learning Centre, Level 3


The Art-ificial Boundaries, a live and interactive performance of Desis Lab ELISAVA, will be presented in the framework of London Design Week and V&A Digital Design Weekend 2017.

The project wants to showcase and push the limits of approved behaviour in our day-by-day life, inviting the audience to reflect on topics such as our choices, our daily activities, when we like or dislike something and all the opinions in between, for an online and offline environment. The Art-ificial Boundaries is the performance of a critical and speculative reflection. 

Think of the applause, the scroll down, the swipe, the double click or even daily actions that might not fit literally to the definition of approval. A digital and interactive experience brought to you by ELISAVA students from Barcelona, to let you reflect on everyday choices in order to operate, design and transform your existence; to choose the life you want.

The audience is invited to explore artificial pathways. They will be asked to decide or to approve.

Our cultural understanding and own behaviour are formed by the approval and the positive public response. Approval is intrinsic… But what if you choose the life you want? What if art smashes down the systems that domesticate the mind?

Presented & made by ELISAVA Barcelona Design School Students. Curated by Prof. Arianna Mazzeo (DESISLABElisava) under the tutoring of Dani Armengol with the Social Media Coordination of Marzio Veno (Lottarox / Stockholm).



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