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ELISAVA, one more year at Sónar+D

13.06.2018 to 16.06.2018
Fira Montjuïc (Avinguda Rius i Taulet, s/n) 08004, Barcelona


Once again, Sónar+D 2018 exhibits in its Market Lab a work sample of our Degree in Design students (Interaction Design mention). This international congress will explore from the 13 to 16 of June how creativity shapes our present and imagines new futures, as well as presenting two technological initiatives designed by our students.

'When Sónar Sleeps', by Ainoa Pubill and Clara Vituri

This proposal explores the inanimate side of Sónar. In an environment where everything's fast and loud, this installation only comes alive when everything's quiet and still.

Once the users get into the room, they will see red plastic cups and straws in a platform located in the middle of the area, illuminated by a dim spotlight. Apparently, nothing happens. But as soon they stop moving, it will. Music and lights will appear and objects will start moving up and down. But if people move, everything will stop again.

Through this immersive and interactive space, When Sónar Sleeps makes the user become aware of the objects that are usually conceived as insignificant or ephemeral.



'Quiz Machine', by Carlota Bimbela, Edgar Gonzalez and Jordi Farreras

The use and consumption of content on social networks is today an unstoppable reality. However, what is the real impact of the consumption of these platforms? This is the reason for our Quiz Machine: to make a small installation that shows in real time the data on the use of social media, and in turn, that the people who have participated collect a souvenir with information related to the social network that they use the most.

The result: a collective work that shows the abstraction of a reality represented by a series of data. Through the sprayers, these are automatically represented with pigments diluted in water. A button located below the spray button sends a signal to a microcontroller. This allows a ticket to be printed with the information related to the social network chosen by the user.