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Conference of the interaction designer Giulia Tomasello

1:30 p.m.
Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32), Sala Aleix Carrió

Female Biophilia


Giulia Tomasello is an interaction designer and researcher specialized in women’s healthcare combining biotechnology, interactive wearable and innovation.

In the past two years she has been investigating the potential of biotechnology and living materials, proposing a biological and sustainable alternative for electronic textiles. She considers herself a maker and explorer, using materiality to question and communicate the boundaries between technology and our bodies. By designing alternative scenarios and acting as creative thinker, Giulia questions our notions of wellbeing to develop innovative tools in the intersection of medical and social sciences. These intersections are enabled by her multidisciplinary collaborations and the symbiosis between her creative and scientific work, generating knowledge exchange and social integrations in healthcare.

Biological textiles and women’s healthcare

Currently based in Nottingham, she is working in collaboration with three scientists from the University of Cambridge (UK) for a new project called ‘Alma’, a wearable biosensor designed to monitor vaginal discharge. She is Visiting Lecturer at Royal College of Art in London for the department of Soft Systems in the Textile department. As lecturer, she is introducing students to the world of wearable technology and biotextiles from a social and product design point of view.

As Freelancer, she is running a series of workshops designed to learn basics of Arduino coding, soft wearables, electronic textiles prototyping and the exploration of biological textiles. Look Coded Bodies. Giulia is also the winner of the Starts Grand Prize 2018 awarded from the European Commission for her project ‘Future Flora’, honouring Innovation in Technology, Industry and Society stimulated by the Arts.