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5 x 3 = 15. A talk by Mucho (SOLD OUT)

7.15 p.m.
ELISAVA (La Rambla, 30-32). Sala Aleix Carrió (1st floor)

As part of Mucho's 15th Anniversary. Its 5 partners will get together for the first time to give a talk in the city of Barcelona (Elisava). Each partner will talk about a project that changed their lives, a current project, and their dream project for the future.


We create design with meaning.

Great design speaks to your head, and your heart. It makes you feel different, and think differently. It makes you remember, and respond.

That’s what we aim for: to go from insight to ideas to design that connects. To craft things with intelligence, sensitivity and precision. 

It doesn’t happen in isolation. That’s why we work collaboratively with our clients, and with each other. As an international collective, we take a global outlook. We’re open. We share. We learn.

The result: intelligent, effective design that makes a lasting impression.


Organized by: Master in Graphic Design of ELISAVA.

SOLD OUT. The event can be followed by streaming on