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Sofia Castañeda Zarauz

I really liked the classes; the site visits are very interesting

I really liked the classes; the site visits are very interesting. I would have liked it to be a more professional group, older people, so that I could learn from others a little more. I would have liked teachers to be more open to consultations and observations; sometimes there was a lack of fluency. I loved the site visit in Simon. We arrived and there was a visual space with colors, water... something more conceptual. Then there was a more technical explanation of the switches, the sockets, the functionalities of each one... My job is related with that and I found it interesting because everything is automated. I see it as functionality information that can be applied in residential, commercial or other spaces. I did not really feel that this presentation was for temporary spaces.

The class group was fine, but since they are young, they are not professionals and they do not know how to work well as a team, they had to start from the beginning several times. I would have liked something more professional.