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Ivana Bernal

They helped guide you through different patterns and routes

It was very intense, but I feel that somehow we were prepared, because the intensive summer courses that we also do are very fast and we see a lot of content. I feel that the two courses were an experience that we were able to take advantage of, because even though they were different, they helped guide you through different patterns and routes. Also the site visits were unexpected and, although they took time of class, they helped us a lot and we could take advantage of them. If we had not had them, I would have thought there was missing something. One was in Simon, another in Jordi Canudas' studio and we also had a visit at LAMP, among others. It was interesting to see the different ways people work, how they work and what they do and what they do not do. It is focused on real life. In addition, I already knew the city a little, but I focused on class and everything went well.