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Margaux Bual, Cristian Varela and Lina Yucumá
Postgraduate in Packaging Design and Strategy (only in spanish)


VALHÖLL is a Scandinavian Premium food range, which has a first course, a second course, dessert and liquor.

The brief consists on creating a gourmet food range that gives value to the ingredient’s quality, by giving them a premium category. In order to emphasize the ingredient’s quality, the Scandinavian origin has been stood out through different elements.  Furthermore, characteristic typographic characters are used to express the essence of the region and its easy recognition. By exploring even more this field, Nordic landscapes have been added to every letter.

The finishing touches in silver give the product a cold atmosphere, adding elegance to the range. The white color of the package not only contrasts this letter, but it also gives it a brightness and purity sensation that captures the consumer’s glance.