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Phoebe Love Doran and Cory Hartono
Master in Retail Space: Retail Design

Description: IKEA takes into account the unique variations of a modern family and cheers us up to live our own story. The aim of this project is to make the children feel comfortable at being themselves. In order to do this we use visual signals to let them know that it is a place to play.

The first stop in this journey of IKEA products is focused on kids between 8-12 years old. The proposal for such entrance is a forest landscape to stimulate imagination.

Kids Can IKEA! defines itself as a line of IKEA products that combines simple functionality of the IKEA furniture for kids with materials to reunite parents and children all together. Every combination comes with everything necessary to custom the IKEA product, while parents and children spend time together creating.

Moreover, the project has Kids Can IKEA! Community, a website specially created for parents with little children that are interested in taking part of creativity at home and that like IKEA products.