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Stop Motion

Various authors
Marta Puig (Lyona)
Master in Set Design

Various authors:

Laura Niubó, Cariana Morello, Sun Zhe, Ana Gli, Marta Georgia Gutierrez, Maria Sales, Virginia Fuente, Elodie Chiper, Juli San Juan, Andrea Perdomo, Andrea Maita, Paula Font, Biljana Velkovska, Claudia Benitez, Susana Giraldo, Alejandra Pastrana and Beatriz Benito.

As for the suggestion of the song by the project author, Piledriver Waltz by Alex Turner, and the division of 6 groups of students; we worked on the technique of stop motion.  The exercise gave freedom to choose from the materials and afterwards, animate them. This time, the students chose paper, illustration and object manipulation.