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Fredric Barrera

Description: «Plurals» is a political formation of municipal level that is based on its policies in common problems and interests of local centers. It is a party that is engaged in small-scale politics, by acting for the goods of the community and representing the voice of every citizen.

The aim of this graphic system is representing graphically the dialogue between neighbors looking for effective and attractive ways of showing this communication.  

The way of representing graphically the language is through the typology. We work with those typographical elements that we can find in dialogues, conversations and other language manifestations in order to illustrate different elements of the party’s identity. This way we escape the topics of the graphic communication in politics. The idea is to give personality to the dialogue, which is to humanize it and make a representation of the different voices and opinions of every neighbor, thus reflecting one of the party’s aims: give the citizens a voice.