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Packaging & Retail: Cobi

Several authors
Marc Catalàand Eduard Juanola
Master in Packaging Design


Authors: Pablo Calzado, Cristina Castells and Andrea Ribera

Concept, graphic design and packaging for the reissue of Cobi, the most representative character of the Olympic Games Barcelona ’92, with the collaboration of Pilma.

The project was the winner of the competition made in the workshop Packaging & Retail and has been manufactured for the 25th anniversary of Barcelona’s Olympic Games.

This worldwide beloved pet, especially in Barcelona, transmits very human values. Cobi is funny, optimistic, spontaneous, affable and…has a beer belly! Cobi returns to Barcelona after having visited all the Olympic cities. It does so in a cargo ship, in a very special box: it reminds the typical loading and unloading boxes made of pine wood, with holes included, so he can breathe and talk. After 25 years, Cobi is willing to give illusion and fun to the people who live and visit his city, Barcelona.