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Carlos Borràs, Anna Plana and Ferran Verdaguer
Jessica Fernández Cano
Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design

Smart Home system that allows the smart management of the water consumption segmentation at home by promoting objectives of improvement to reduce the social and environmental impact.

Nui is formed by a combination of five types of elements: a hub, a ring, an app, a base, and an adaptor; essential to get its functions: to educate, inform, connect and manage.

The rings are placed is every water exit and are the ones in charge of identifying the presence of water, this data is essential to get the itemization of the water consumption and to help the users realize their instant consumption. The hub receives this data and sends it to Suez headquarters. Together with the digital meter box data of each home, the itemization that is sent to the application will be finally made. The hub, according to the data that is received from the rings, informs about the user’s consumption through a communication based on beats.