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My cook wrap

Various authors
Postgraduate in Product Concept

Description: We made a study of the brand and the product and we realized that our task could be summed up in two points: Giving to MyCook a more contemporary look and improving its interaction with the user.

For the new design, we move away from the straight lines, thus creating a base that surrounds the pitcher. The color scheme went from white and grey to black, red and metallic. We also changed the materials in order to make them more comfortable to the user.

For the improvement of usability, we changed the element disposal and avoided the button that poked out. In conclusion, if we compare the current MyCook with Warp, the esthetic change turns it to a more suitable element for today’s kitchens. At the same time we improve its usability for a greater comfort for the user.

Authors: Karem Lua, Lluís Ramírez and Francesc Muntané