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Mini Experience

María Paulina Reséndiz
David Espluga
Postgraduate in Packaging Design and Strategy (only in spanish)


Concept design for a car delivery experience.

With the MINI experience we increase the emotions of the costumer through four different stages. 

1. Buying the car: Giving the costumer an activation code for an app created only for MINI members. 

2. Waiting for the car: With the app, you can see how long you have to wait until your car arrives, and the countdown reminds you that it is always closer. 

3. Receiving the car: With a MINI ownable of putting their cars in the walls and ceilings, you receive your car in a show off truck, that works for advertisement for the company. 

4. After delivery: Giving the costumer the opportunity to use the app for using the car and joining different events only for the MINI members.