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The interior of a flat in Barcelona's French Institute

Various authors
Agustí Costa and Lola Domènech
Postgraduate in Interior Space Design. Private Perimeters


Description: This project is a complete remodeling of the attic floor in the Institut Français headquarters in Barcelona. Its architect is José Antonio Coderch. It is an ambivalent home, with areas that allows us for living and working creatively. The project is based on diaphanousness and multifunctionality. This way, greater visual and spacious space is achieved.  We work also in another factor: Interior-exterior relationship.

We propose a scale of areas that go from the most private to the most public. In order not to lose functionality on the rest of the house, the public area can be closed with a sliding door. Rehearsals and musical auditions will be carried out in the private area, where the kitchen, the dining room, the studio and the multipurpose living room are located.

Authors: Agustí Claverol i Torné, Jorge García Suárez and Jaume Maimó Far