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Inside the Light - Santa & Cole

Various authors
Postgraduate in Interior Space Design. Work Spaces


Authors: Nicole Estrella, Cristina Herráiz, Julia Lucas

The project deals with the intervention in the offices of Santa & Cole, located in Belloch. First of all, we consider the project based on energy efficiency, economy, comfort and the rationalization of spaces. Secondly, we are inspired by what Santa & Cole transmits to us: simplicity, warmth, balance and, of course, design. With this in mind, we start by fitting the program into one floor, the ground floor.

The central area houses the showroom, as well as meeting and concentration areas. In the perimeter areas we find the work spaces themselves, as well as the cafeteria, conference room and individual offices.

As for the first floor, we propose it as an open space, crossed by a structure formed by wooden profiles and colored ribbons, which would allow to host all kinds of activities: relaxation, inspiration or, of course, events. The sound accompanies us in this sensorama and generates sensations.