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Ikea Kids. Explora, Descubre y Sueña

Diversos autors
Master in Retail Space: Retail Design

Description: «Ikea Kids» is a planning of the kids section in Sabadell’s IKEA store.

The aim of this project is to create the world IKEA Kids, where the kids will find a place specifically thought for them.

The essence of the project is captured in the concept of “Explora, Descubre y Sueña” (Explore, Discover and Dream). This concept distinguishes kids according to the age groups in order to capture their interest and fulfill their needs. The intention is to achieve that every kid could feel comfortable and could find products that answer the different needs of their life stage.

It has three categories: Explora (Explore) for kids between the ages of 8-12 with green color tones in order to make the comprehension, concentration, reading and relaxation easier. Descubre (Discover) for kids between the ages of 3-7, with the rainbow colors. These reflect dynamism, positive energy, communication and creativity. Finally, Sueña (Dream) for kids between the ages of 0-2, blue color tones are used. These colors help to reduce anxiety, achieving calm and relaxation.

It is believed that this project fits in what the world of IKEA is nowadays, and could increase the amount of time that visitors spend inside the area and thus, achieve their change into costumers and produce higher sales.

Authors: Veronica Cristina Frattini Corisca, Sara Cárdenas Gómez and Eva Lya Holder Meckler