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Laura Peña
Pedro Vicente
Master in Photography and Design



1. The characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is.

2. A close similarity or affinity.

3. Mathematics (also identity operation). A transformation that leaves an object unchanged.

Condición is a photographic Project that is about humanity as a unit, as a being, as equal individuals that hold hands.

Condición is a photographic project that is about humanity as a unit, as a being, as different individuals that make this difference its exclusivity. 

Different biologists, doctors and scientists from all over the world confirm that there aren’t biological differences between human beings, and that the genetic and molecular system of every ethnic group that forms humanity is the same. This is why the same “race” or “racism” words, when we refer to human beings, lacks of meaning. If we really were different races, we couldn’t crossbreed nor breed.

This photographic project is about identity from a physical point of view and of how, despite the current ethnic and cultural mix, we continue to see differences between us that are crucial when it comes to live all together in our planet. Nonetheless, those characteristics that differentiate us are the ones that enrich our existence and the ones that make us be and have our own unique identity.