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Being Disappeared

Tam Hoi Ying
Pedro Vicente
Master in Photography and Design


«Being Disappeared» is a series of images, to challenge the paradox of the law protecting yet suppressing people's freedom, and to question the fragility of the Chinese regime. When freedom of opinion and expression means inciting the subversion of state power, when political freedom means endangering the safety of the state, when freedom of gathering means disrupting public order, when freedom of thought means provoking crimes, when the police become our enemy, and the law becomes a weapon for the government to violate human rights – what can we rely on to protect us?

Tam Hoi-Ying, the Chinese-Hong Kong photographer, grew up in the former Colony of British, the exceptional free land in China. Enjoyed the modest democracy & freedom while in the same time, was traumatized by the heavy-hand actions being taken by the communist government towards their own people, to suppress freedom.

Feeling the obligation to raise the awareness for the human right condition in China, the photographer brings together a series of images, to challenge the paradox for the law to protect & suppress freedom of people, and question the fragility of the China’s regime.