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The new corporative identity of Elisava Alumni has been designed by former student Albert Ibanyez, and it is based on the origin of the School's name, Elisava.

Albert’s proposal won the contest organized by this Association in 2012, coinciding with the change of its name.



In Sant Ot Insignia (XII century), it appears one of the first Catalan female signatures: “Elisava me fecit” (Elisava made me).

In each of the three stripes hanging from the insignia, a female figure can be discerned. The figures appearing in both ends hold a book with their left hands, while the central figure carries an object that cannot be identified. Everything indicates that the central figure represents Elisava, who ordered to make the embroidery of the insignia, being the figures appearing at both ends portrayals of the other two benefactors. It is because of this that Elisava may be the name of the banner donor, not that of the person who embroidered it.

The fact of representing the Association with an insignia expects to awake a feeling of community. The “Elisava made me” slogan makes reference to the designs of the former students, showing the posterity and professionalization of their work, as Elisava did. This is the reason why the insignia has been chosen as representative of ELISAVA’s Association of Former Students.



The imagotype is a symbol that represents the insignia where the name of Elisava appears. Every year, the shape of the emblem and the colour that identifies it varies.

Elisava Alumni members are Alumni Bold. This name links them to the graphic design world, creating a play on words with terms of such popularity as gold or premium.

The typography Miller Text Bold, Regular & Italic is the one that has been used for the design of the logotype. Using this typography connotes a historical tradition equivalent to that of ELISAVA, due to its morphology between contemporary and ancient serifs. Since it is a complete different typography from those used by ELISAVA at a corporative level (Foundry Gridnik and Akzidenz Grotesk) it does not compete with them. In this way, the two brands complement each other.


Generic variations

There are three generic variations of the black and white imagotype, used when they are not directly related to any year.


Creation of new insignias

The insignias are shaped depending on the number of columns and with simple geometric elements. New insignias can also be created from the fusion of those already existing. The lower part can be modified and integrates a proportion that always preserves the imagotype, coinciding with the end of the logotype.


Colour assignment depending on the year

Each year will have its own colour and insignia. Every year, the insignia can be chosen through voting, or according to the representative criterion of each year.