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With students coming from all around the world, ELISAVA becomes an exciting place to study, work, learn and experience, even outside school hours

In addition to the activities, lectures and exhibitions organized by our students and the School, ELISAVA students have an active Theatre Troupe and a well-known Choir named 4 18. Their goal is to promote participation and learning while strengthening relationship between the members of ELISAVA community.

  • Theatre Troupe

    ELISAVA Theatre Group represents a work every year and is composed of teachers, students and school staff.
  • ELISAVA's Choir

    ELISAVA's Choir, the 4 18, conveys the spirit of the school (dynamism, positive energy, discipline, effort ) and has done a very good job in the TV3 program "Oh Happy Day".
  • ELISAVA Representatives

    The students are an active part in the evaluation and improvement of the School through the election of their representatives.