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The Association


Elisava Alumni is born with the mission of promoting the constant personal and professional development of our former students. For this reason, we have built a participative space open to diversity, and orientated to motivate leadership, cooperation, and entrepreneurship through strategic values such as design, technology, and the firm, with the purpose of giving answers to the needs of nowadays society.

Alumni is a space for socialising and interacting with professionals and firms of the sector, where innovation, networking, collaborations, and entrepreneurship are key points for facing the challenges of nowadays society.

We want to keep alive a close link with the School and a fluent communication with the whole of the profession. Besides, Elisava Alumni's main goal consists of keeping the ELISAVA's feeling, which remains latent within every of the persons that received an education here.

The insignias that make up the logotype and the symbol of Elisava Alumni are based on the first Catalan signature, Elisava me fecit, appearing in Sant Ot Insignia (XII century). Each year, it has its own colour and insignia.  


The Association of ELISAVA Former Students is born in 2003 with the Elisava Professionals (EP) name, a non-profit entity, result of the compromise and efforts of a group of students and former students with the will of spreading and promoting the identity and the values of the people that make up the ELISAVA community.

Elisava Professionals, always committed to human development, the continuous dialogue between professionals of the sector, and the socialisation and promotion of our professionals, has been able to create the spirit needed for starting a new stage within the Association.

Board members

  • GUILLEM VIRGILI, President
  • ALBERT IBÁNYEZ, Secretary
  • JORDI ROS,Treasurer
  • ANA INGLÉS, Advisory Board member
  • JOSEP PUIG, Advisory Board member
  • RAQUEL LLABERIA, Advisory Board member
  • MARIA VISA, Advisory Board member
  • DANIEL PALADINI, Advisory Board member

Alumni International Ambassadors