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  • Natasha Jen

    Lecture - Natasha Jen

    Natasha Jen will be at ELISAVA within the framework of the Master’s Degree in Graphic Design next February 9th at 7.15pm. Jen, partner at Pentagram, will give the lecture «Design &...
  • Euly's adventure

    Mapping Barcelona - 5 light features

    02.06.2015 to 02.08.2015
    The gastronomy, the nightlife, the colours and the sounds of the city are some of the topics dealt in the five mappings produced by the students of the Master's Degree in Advertising Design and...
  • Dr. Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta at ELISAVA

    Lecture - Dr. Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta

    The Doctor Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, a well known international architect and founder of bgp arquitectura, closes the Private Perimeters Cycle with the «De la casa a la taza» lecture....
  • ELISAVA takes part in LLUM BCN  Festival

    ELISAVA takes part in LLUM BCN Festival

    02.06.2015 to 02.08.2015
    Once again, ELISAVA takes part in LLUM BCN Festival  with the «Batec de Llum» (Light beat) project, an ephemeral intervention in the courtyard of the Palau Bru, a big hose built at...
  • IMAGINE EXPRESS Presentation

    IMAGINE EXPRESS Presentation

    The IMAGINE EXPRESS presentation, a disruptive innovation programme in the MOBILE sector, will take place the next 30th January at 11am at ELISAVA by Xavier Verdaguer, founder of Imagine Creativity...
  • Exhibition - ei! Awards Professional Edition

    Exhibition - ei! Awards Professional Edition

    01.28.2015 to 03.06.2015
    ELISAVA stimulates the creativity of young designers, their academic trajectory and their dedication, and encourages the diffusion of their talent and competitiveness  through different...
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  • Visit of the Sookmyung Women's University to ELISAVA

    ELISAVA in Korea

    ELISAVA continues to expand the International Relations network, which includes more than 70 universities from all around the world.The School has expanded its contacts in Asia with the signature of a new collaboration agreement with the Sookmyung... Llegeix més [+]
  • New ELISAVA Temes de Disseny

    New ELISAVA Temes de Disseny

    The School publishes the science popularisation magazine ELISAVA Design Topics, with a topic focused on a particular axis. The number 30 is entitled «Interior Design. The Experience of Space» in which the idea of the project as a way of linking the individual to the context comes back, adding... Llegeix més [+]
  • Pratt University

    Information session - Retail Design Course

    The information session of the Retail Design Course, included in the frame of the Summer Experience 2015 taught in ELISAVA, will take place 23rd January at 12.30 at the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn Campus (... Llegeix més [+]
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