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  • Conference cycle – Private Perimeters

    10.27.2014 to 02.06.2015
    The Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Space Design. Private Perimeters invites you to take part in the cycle of open conferences «Perímetres Privats» (Private Perimeters), where important...
  • Lecture - Joaquín Reyes / FULL CAPACITY

    The famous humorist Joaquín Reyes will explain us in an entertaining and informal way his professional experience as a draughtsman in the lecture «Dibujar es lo mejor que hay (sin matices)...
  • Presentation - Value Proposition Design

    Presentation - Value Proposition Design

    The Master’s Degree in Research for Design and Innovation of ELISAVA invites you to celebrate the launch of the book «Value Proposition Design: How to Create Products and Services...
  • Harvard Science Center (One Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA, Hall C)

    ELISAVA in the Science and Cooking cycle of the Harvard University

    Ferran Adrià will show the results of the «El Bulli 1846 i El Bulli DNA Challenge» project together with the elBullifoundation during the 5th edition of the «Science and Cooking...
  • BCN RE.SET in Berlin

    BCN RE.SET in Berlin

    10.18.2014 to 11.27.2014
    ELISAVA will be present in Berlin, in the Aedes gallery specialized in architecture, with the «Memory Box / House of memory» project, carried out within the framework of the ephemeral...
  • ELISAVA al Smart Moto Challenge Moscow 2014

    ELISAVA in the Smart Moto Challenge Moscow 2014

    10.14.2014 to 10.16.2014
    The AmpeerTeam, formed by six students of ELISAVA and eleven of the School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona (ETSEIB-UPC), will compete in the Smart Moto Challenge of Moscow from the 14th to the...
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