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  • ELISAVA - Summer Experience 2015

    Summer Experience 2015

    06.29.2015 to 09.30.2015
    ELISAVA offers a wide range of specialization programmes in design during the months of July and September 2015 that allows to develop your creativity and abilities, at the same time that you will be...
  • Temporary Spaces

    Lecture - Ocho propuestas para el nuevo milenio (con permiso de Calvino)

    Toni Montes and Roger Paez, directors of the new Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Design of Temporary Spaces, propose at the lecture “Ocho Propuestas para el nuevo milenio (...
  • Carme Pinós

    Lecture - Carme Pinós

    Carme Pinós is an architect and director of her own studio since 1991. Her career is full of projects and awards all around the world, has given lectures at the most prestigious universities and we...
  • Stefano Colli

    Lecture - Stefano Colli

    The design of work spaces has become an increasingly more demanded need by companies.Stefano Colli, architect and director of Scad Proyectos, will carry out a personal and no linear tour through...
  • Juli Capella

    Lecture - Juli Capella

    The architect Juli Capella will provide a briefing session on the importance of the interior design for Bars and Restaurants, framed within the Postgraduate Diploma in Design of Bars and Restaurants...
  • Jorge Pensi en ELISAVA

    Conferencia - Jorge Pensi

    Making it to the finish line of the «En Barcelona, Circunstancialmente» the architect and industrial designer Jorge Pensi will be at ELISAVA the next 27th May.In the lecture «Del...
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