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Ramon Sanguesa

Ramon Sanguesa

Coordinator of the Data Transparency Lab

PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Director of Application Development at the i2Cat Foundation

MasterLab’s tutor

With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, 20 years of research and teaching at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona), Ramon combined these academic aspects with his dedication to innovation, social innovation and transdisciplinarity. He was the Director of Application Development at the i2Cat Foundation for i2cat in Catalonia since its foundation.

He is affiliated researcher at the Center for Organizational Innovation (COI), the Department of Sociology at Columbia University (New York), and also a Senior Fellow of the Strategic Innovation Lab in Ontario College of Art and Design.

He is specially conscious about the need to bring awareness of the different implications of technology. He has collaborated with several design, art and communication institutions and projects to find new ways to communicate the potential for good and the risk of information technology and other technologies. In this area he holds a Masters Degree in Science and Technology Communication and has created several projects to get citizens straight into knowing and discussing technological possibilities and implications by promoting participatory and hybrid projects with scientists and technologists, artists and designers.

He has acted as an expert for several IT programmes and he also is a member of Culture Action Europe. He lives in Barcelona but in a "nomadical" way and here he coordinates the Data Transparency Lab, a joint initiative by MIT, Mozilla Foundation, Open Data Institute and Telefónica I+D.